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Working environments are changing. The need for traditional office desks and pedestals is decreasing, as we are working with greater levels of flexibility.

Hot desking is becoming more common, allowing people to work on their laptops, iPads or smartphones for a selected period of time. We still have need for integration and discussion. O’zone and Den gives you this flexibility.

Below you will find information on our O’zone and Den ranges. These ranges are a great addition to our product offering, giving you the choice to increase work area whilst also encouraging employee integration. For further details please feel free to contact us.


Whether in a business, education or leisure facility, O’zone provides areas for individual study, informal meetings and social gatherings.

The curving construction creates private and communal spaces for touchdown working or longer periods of desk based study. Screen and desk height, as well as colour, finish and fabric can all be specified. 

The ability to re-configure modules offers the flexibility to alter working environments to cater for changing needs. With 25 different modules, O’zone can provide working areas, reception counters and dining booths. 

O’zone is constructed to withstand the demands of the busiest environment and is offered with a full 10 year warranty for normal wear and tear conditions.

Below you will find a pdf showing the full O’zone range. For further information or to arrange a product demonstration then please contact us.

Download O'Zone PDF

denDo you remember making a Den?

Was it an edifice of sofa cushions and sheets, a cardboard box castle or a tangled tepee of branches and bracken? Those small creative structures defined a private space, a quiet retreat - a place to meet with friends…

When we began to talk to people about their workplaces, we soon realised that we needed to locate our inner child and create a Den.

Den is a range of acoustic work areas created to make public spaces private. With eight different styles, numerous configurations and a full array of accessories, everyone has the opportunity to build their ideal Den.

In any open plan work area there are times when you need to find your own space. Then environment we work in has to facilitate both the privacy needed to concentrate and the space needed to collaborate. The workplace has evolved as new technology has changed our working habits. Large open spaces with shared working areas create lively exciting. 

Below you will find a pdf showing the full Den range. For further information or to arrange a product demonstration then please contact us

Download Den PDF