At Gallery we have created an easy 4 part system that outlines the process we follow and how we deliver a quality service and a product we are proud of. If you are a home worker then please follow the steps but also check out our range of chairs that are available.

1. Idea

Every office starts with an idea and we want to hear yours! If you are moving into an Office? Moving building or location? Want to rearrange the office, get new furniture in to give it some life but not sure how or what? Want to set up hot desking? Covid safe? On call protection? If this sounds like you then get in touch, we will listen to you, get an understanding of what you want to achieve and create a plan for you. We can offer on site consultation.

2. Drawing

This is the pen to paper step. Once we have a good idea of your needs and requirements for the office, we send them to our drawing team who will create a professional office design, where you can see your idea and office come to life. This will give you a real insight into how your office could look and start to take shape.

3. Quote

This step goes hand in hand with step 2. We now have an idea of your budget, the style and products you would like, now its time to get it written down in a tailored quote for you. Once you have checked this over and are happy, we proceed on to the last step!

4. Install

This is the exciting step for you and us...the install! We can meet you on site, morning, evening or at the weekend, we are fully flexible in this. We will install the quote for you by our team of specialists. We take pride in our work and will happily show you the features or explain how products work and take the time, so you know how your office will work for you. Once the install is complete we will leave you with a brand new working environment you can be proud of.


Here are some shots to give you a little insight of what we do and how we do it the Gallery way.

Moving Day! 


Here we have an office moving to a new building. The crates are used to store desktop, personal possessions or any ICT equipment that's needed in the new building. 


We use our own gallery labels on the crates so we know who is in the crate and where it's going.

We then stack the crates and get them moving ready for their new home! 

delivery 1.jpg

Delivery Day!

website screens.jpg


At Gallery we offer a range of covid protection screens, from floor to ceiling to desk dividers we can help. Email the team to find out more.

In the pictures you can see a carefully packed van of covid protection screens, ready to install for one of our customers.

website screen 2.jpg

Office reconfiguration and wall creation! Our skilled team hard at work here have created wall partitions for a local office project. We really can do it all!

wall partition.jpg