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Modern Design Office

At Gallery, we get involved in all aspects of office design and reconfiguration from initial idea to the finished project. We speak to the client, understand the requirements, what they are trying to achieve and then can offer a solution with our experience on how best to proceed. These services include;

  • Client Meetings 

  • Site Visits

  • CAD Drawings

  • Renders

  • Layout Configuration 

  • Floorplans

With 20 years office experience we will be able to create you a well thought out, custom planned office with all of your needs met. Take a look below at some examples of our floor plans and CAD designs.

floorplan for website.png


Detailed and accurate floorplan, room measurements and all furniture in place is to scale. This allows the customer to gauge how the space can work and be fully utilised.


Through our CAD team we can produce renders that bring the floor plan to life. Allowing the customer to see what styles work together and if the colour scheme's match what is trying to be achieved.  

floorplan for website.png

Full-scale Drawing

floorplan for website.png

Multiple rooms covered in a full scale drawing - birds eye view show's the flow of the office and where improvements or changes can be made.

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