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At Gallery we do much more than just supply furniture. We cover all aspects of the office, from start to finish. Explore our services below and if you need any assistance at all please get in touch.


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All of the products we use in our services are made for Gallery Office Solutions, manufactured in the UK. We can trace each component used to build our range, from our chairs to tables, from the wood, aluminium base to the phoenix fabric that you sit on, we know where it has come from. Our manufacturers ethically source the materials used in the construction and pay the living wage to the specialists who put our products together.

This care and attention gives our products an edge in design and quality that are built to last. As standard we offer a 5 year warranty on our products and services, but we can reassure you that our range of products are built with love and quality in mind. Explore our wesbite and if you have any questions please get in touch to a team member today.

Thank you from the Team.

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